Warping Jane’s Way

I have attached a basic document here that will help you with a multitude of warping questions. It’s a document that makes up a part of a workshop that we hold here at JST called “Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills” and it walks you through the process of making a warp, and warping your loom […]

Determining the dents per inch of the reed you have

I have a question for you regarding our guild-owned Louet Kombo 40 table loom with 6 shafts.  I am getting ready to put on the warp for a weaving workshop and I am unsure as to the size of the reed.  It’s written on the reed 40 NOX.  That does not tell me the reed […]

Group Project – Friendship Blankets

Once again our guild, Midnight Shuttles is looking to do several group projects. The first is a friendship blanket.  Many years ago we made friendship blankets and new members are interested in doing the project again.  We used 2/8 natural cotton for a warp set at 18 epi and the weft was two ply wool.  […]

Do you use a yardage counter?

I don’t use yardage counters because it is rather labour intensive trying to figure out what you have.  If you are using them for sectional warping that is another matter but if you are trying to figure out how much yarn you have, I use a regular kitchen scale set to grams to figure out […]

Using 10/2 mercerized cotton for a scarf

My son wants me to weave him a black and white hounds tooth scarf.  I made one with silk that looks great.  I was wondering if I used cotton, would 10/2mercerized cotton be a less expensive alternative but still look good? It would be lovely.  I would sett it at 24 epi/24 ppi . Happy […]

Reed density for fine yarn

Hello Jane, you were very helpful last year when I was researching the Louet Spring loom.  I finally purchased it, and I am delighted with the way it works.  I now have a question regarding reed density. My intention is to weave yardage fine enough for garments, which I could not do easily on my […]

Sett for Harrisville Shetland in Overshot

What sett would you recommend for the Harrisville Shetland as weft/tabby in an overshot weave structure? If you are using Harrisville for warp and tabby weft, then I would sett it at 8 epi.

Weaving with 20/2 silk

I’m planning to weave a scarf out of hand dyed 20/2 silk (weft and warp).  Should I plan to warp it at 20 epi? If you are weaving plain weave and you want a delicate fabric I would sett it at 20 epi.  If you want is to be a sturdy plain weave sett it […]

Can I weave a blanket using wool and cotton?

I have a lovely Avoca Handweavers blanket a friend brought me back from Ireland.  It is nice and soft – no wool itchies at all.  It is wool/cotton. Looking at the fringe – it looks like 1 wool yarn/1 ‘slubby’ cotton all the way across.  How does this mixture shrink evenly?  It did upon first […]

Sett for Waffle Weave

I have a structure question.  I am going to make waffle weave tea towels with 8/2 cotton. The pattern says 24 epi.  You recommend 20 epi for plain weave and 22-24 epi for a twill.  I would like to understand why the waffle weave requires a tighter structure.  Could I make the tea towels at […]