Warp-faced scarf in Plainweave?

I am using Variegated Bambu 7 sett at 24 epi.  I am trying to obtain a warp-faced scarf using plain weave.  Originally I set it at 20 epi and used Bambu 12 for weft but found it was not giving me the desired look of the variegated.  I resleyed to 24 epi.  Using the Bambu […]

Warp stripes more dominant than the weft stripes in Plainweave – why?

I am a member of a weaving study group in Halifax.  Our members took Jane’s Colour and Design workshop held in Halifax.  When studying our design samples, we noticed (specifically in the plain weave asymmetrical design) that the warp stripes were more dominant than the weft stripes.  Why?  Would the same thing happen in a […]