Explaining “Beat for 50/50”

Hi Jane…replying to an old post but I was hoping you could clarify what you mean about “beat for 50/50”….I have cotton and wool and would like to use the wool as warp and cotton as the weft.  I am looking to do a more open sett and want to get a lacy fabric.  I […]

Why should I sample? – The answer in Black and White …..

Now, about those samples.  How wide should one do them and how long? I am thinking in terms of wasted yarn – don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider sampling a waste but unlike knitting I can’t undo it and reuse the yarn.  Since I’m not a professional I have to pay full price for […]

The importance of 50/50 © Jane Stafford Textiles

One of the first things I learned when I started sewing as a young girl was how important it was to lay your pattern pieces on the straight grain.  This was important because the bias in the garment would then be ‘good’. I didn’t really understand bias until I was a weaver.  When I studied […]

Sketching and Division of Space © Jane Stafford Textiles

In the first couple of posts I talked a little bit about the architecture of cloth and how I create my canvases.   Now comes the fun part, the emotional part, the whole reason why I weave.   I am an interpreter of the world that surrounds me.   I am a keen observer.   I […]

Architecture © Jane Stafford Textiles

MY Thoughts On COLOUR and DESIGN: I start every Colour and Design Workshop off by explaining to my students that there are hundreds of different ways to tackle this subject.  Every designer has their own particular way of working, of organizing thoughts and of bringing ideas to fruition.  All I can do as a designer […]

Olds Fibre Week 2012 Colour & Design Tea Towel Exchange

This article was amalgamated from a series of posts on the JST Ravelry Group. In June 2012, I taught my workshop Colour and Design at Olds College in Alberta.  I had 12 wonderful students who decided to do a tea towel exchange so that they could put into practice some of the theory we learned […]

Sett for Lace Weave

I tried a re thread for Swedish Lace and sett at 18.  It was really loose and tried 2/20 cotton – NOT pretty.  But it is not that much looser than the “recommended” in some sett charts. Why is lace is sett looser than plain weave and twills are sett closer.  Lace migrates like twill […]

Jane’s Master Sett Chart

Jane has spent her life sampling and testing yarns on their own and in different combinations, for her workshops and production lines.  She knows everyone doesn’t have time to sample to this extent so she is sharing the knowledge gained from that testing with everyone. Jane’s Master Sett Chart encompasses more than 30 years of […]

Using a Reed Substitution Chart

I am new to weaving, I may not use the correct terminology and I do hope you have the patience to bear with me. I think I am in need of an 8 dent reed as the Shetland wool I am using for my warp is getting worn rather badly by my 12 dent. Would […]

Jane – On Creativity

I thought I would write about my most requested seminar topic.  Some of you have heard me drone on and on about this topic, but some of you may not, so I’m writing this for you. It starts with a question I am often asked “How do you get it all done, you seem to […]