Positioning the height of the Louet bench at a Louet Octado

I am 5′ 7″.   Where should the Louet Bench be positioned height wise with the Octado Loom?  Recently, I had the opportunity to try out an Octado and did not have a good experience.   The breast beam was not removed to thread the heddles or reed and my left arm was held over the beam; […]

Fly shuttle on Octado?

Another inquiry regarding the Octado 36?….what about that flying shuttle?  Will the selvedge be more consistent or should I stick with boats?  I am doing production plain weave. Fly shuttles are definitely a personal preference…..I have used them in the past but I hate the noise….others love the assist when weaving wider fabrics.   It is […]

Delta versus Octado

I’m the lady that posted with the question about sectional warping on the Octado.  I thought that I had made up my mind, but it seems that I have not. Originally, I was going to get a Delta.  I’m 5’10″ tall and it would be nice to not have my legs up against the fabric […]

Using lease sticks on an Octado

I am now the owner of an Octado Electronic Dobby Loom (4 days ago). My question has to do with the lease sticks and where to tie them on this loom. I have watched the DVD’s a number of times and have picked up quite a few hints. But as this is demonstrated on the […]

Planning to purchase a new loom, I’m 5’9″ and have arthritis

I am looking for a new loom. We are downsizing to a condo with more limited space. I am 67 yrs. old with some arthritis in hands and back. Also I am 5’9? tall and find the “baby wolf” type loom too low to comfortably work at. I weave small tapestry and scarf and shawl […]

Assembly instructions for the sectional warping system for the Delta, Megado and Octado weaving looms

Click on the following link for the assembly instructions for the sectional warping system for the Delta, Megado and Octado weaving looms.