Weaving with linen and silk

Just did a dumb thing…. I am weaving a scarf in the herringbone variation in M Davison’ s book using Tussah silk in the weft and organic cotton in the warp.  I took, what I thought was the organic cotton from my shelf and discovered, when I ran out on my warping board, that I […]

Bumpy, fluffy, laddered, textured and seductive bits of yarn

What do you do with these marvels of the yarn industry?  The bumpy, fluffy, laddered, textured and seductive bits and bobs that leap off the shelves and into your arms at yarn events. Sometimes triggered by wine, mostly just by dazzling and for a moment we think that there are a million superb and creative […]

Thick and thin in the weft

How do I make different weft thicknesses all come out the same width on the final product if the warp is all the same thickness?  Fulling helps it but it still looks odd. This is always a tricky situation. Fat wefts will always push your warp out and thin wefts will always pull your warp […]