Warping Jane’s Way

I have attached a basic document here that will help you with a multitude of warping questions. It’s a document that makes up a part of a workshop that we hold here at JST called “Honing Your Basic Weaving Skills” and it walks you through the process of making a warp, and warping your loom […]

Chaining my warp

When I chain the warp off my warping board it quickly becomes twisted as I chain. I think choke ties would help. But you don’t use them. What am I doing wrong? Don’t worry about it. It’s not a real twist like you put in a yarn, it is more of a spiral and it […]

Warping with an Ikat dyed warp combined with solid stripes

I have an ikat dyed warp chain that I want to combine with a more solid one in stripes. Would you still wind back to front?  If so, would you use two sticks, one to hold each that are maybe loosely tied together to space in the raddle or ??   Rewinding to get the solids […]

Is there any way for me to “park” one colour of warp on a mill?

Is there any way for me to “park” one colour of warp while winding on a mill?  I know that those who use a warping board just leave the cone by the beginning of the path when they change colours, but I can’t see how this could work with a mill. You can not park […]