Sett for Lace Weave

I tried a re thread for Swedish Lace and sett at 18.  It was really loose and tried 2/20 cotton – NOT pretty.  But it is not that much looser than the “recommended” in some sett charts. Why is lace is sett looser than plain weave and twills are sett closer.  Lace migrates like twill […]

Sett for Huck Weave in 2/16 cotton

I’m planning to weave fabric for a summer top using huck weave in 2/16 cotton.  Is huck plain weave based and would a sett of 28 epi be appropriate?  The answer to both your questions is:  yes.  Huck weave is plainweave based and 28 epi with 2/16 is a great SETT to choose. Also, check […]

Colour in Lace Weaving

When I first started weaving, so many examples of  Huck, Bronson Spot, Bronson Lace and Canvas Weave were always done in fine linen and one colour.  That is indeed how I first wove them and I love those pieces to this day.   Over the years I fell in love with Lace Weaves and I also fell […]

What % shrinkage would you plan when weaving Lace

Well, some of it depends on how much plain weave you have in the piece.  If you have wider borders and a couple of vertical stripes within the pattern then your shrinkage would be what the normal shrinkage for that yarn would be plus a few more percents, if you don’t have much plain weave […]