Beater bumpers for a Louet Kombo?

Can you tell me if one can purchase the Jane bumpers for holding back the beater, to use  on the Louet Kombo? Also is there anyway of tweaking this loom to get a larger shed.  I have adjusted all the harnesses to line up with the mark on the inside of the frame.  The threads  […]

How does one change/add heddles on the Kombo?

How does one add more string headles? You go to the back of the loom and pull out the little plastic wormy thing which is a blocking mechanism to keep the harnesses in their proper place.   Pull out the rubber thingme and then you lift up the back shaft slowly and eventually you will be […]

Problem tying on the warp

I have used my Louet Kombo before but not for a while and I don’t remember ever having this problem before.  I warp from back to front so I beamed the warp threaded the heddles and sleyed the warp. When I tried to tie the warp onto the front beam, it is winding in the […]

Extending a Louet Kombo Table Loom

I bought a Louet Kombo 40 table loom online from a private party.  Love it and wanted to get the extension kit to upgrade to an 8 shaft.  On line a small shop said they had one but when it came the box says Louet Clik.  If I am not mistaken this will not work […]

Louet Kombo – moving beams and Treadle Kit

I purchased a floor stand for my Louet Kombo 40 8 shaft loom. There is an option to move the beams (hope that is the correct term) to the stand. It would be handy to have the woven fabric out of the way, but would moving the back beam significantly increase loom waste?  Also, are […]

Kombo Loom versus the Jane Loom

I am considering buying a second hand Louet Kombo 70 loom which appears in very good condition.  Please can you advise exactly how the specification for this differs from the Jane 70?  Many many thanks. Tammy from Louet has forwarded your e-mail to me to answer.  I answer all technical loom and weaving questions from […]

Shafts sticking on Kombo Loom

I am having trouble with three shafts on my loom sticking.  When I treadle any of these shafts the string behind the castle releases however the shaft does not drop.  There appears to be no difference between the strings on these three and any of the other shafts.  And all shafts are in the proper […]

Adjusting the Louet Kombo

1. How does one change reeds? To change your reed you just pull up on the top of the beater and it will slide on the beater arms.  They are quite stiff so don’t be afraid to yank it up. 2. How does one add more string headles? You go to the back of the […]

Folding down the Kombo Table Loom

Raise all the harnesses up.  So toggles are down, but harnesses are up. Left hand cups the bottom of the beater and all the pattern harnesses.  Right hand is on the top of the castle at the front. Right hand pushes the top of the loom backwards while left hand pulls the bottom out of […]

Setting up the Kombo Loom

Follow Jane’s hands and words to set up a Kombo Table Loom. At the back of the loom there is a little wormy thing on the left hand side.  Make sure it is out. Wormy thing out. Imagine a frame with a purse handle.  Each harness should have a cord attached to it like a […]