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Fringes on mohair blankies????

I have a mohair question.  I have FINALLY finished the mohair blanket I started almost a year ago (yes, life got in the way). I took it off the loom last night and I absolutely love it.  Now it’s time to full it which I will do in our front load washing machine, using Ravelry’s tonigatland […]

Wet finishing a shawl without twisting the fringe

I want to wet finish a shawl which has fringe. I don’t want to twist the fringe, I only want it softly falling. How do I protect it from bunching while it is being wet finished. I am sure that I should know this! How I proceed with fringes depends on what the shawl was […]

Fulling mohair in a front loading washing machine

I would like to full mohair blankets in my front loader washing machine. Is there a procedure for this? The following is the discussion that took place on JST Ravelry Group on this topic. Jane: I have fulled 100’s of mohair blankets in my top loader but I have never done one in a front […]

Worms in my cotton chenille blanket

I am a beginner weaver and I just finished a cotton chenille blanket.  Unfortunately after a very gentle wash (no spin).  And drying the blanket wormed – badly!  I’ve ironed and blocked it as best I could but ……….. Not sure what to do about the worms. Is it fixable? That is a real shame.  […]

The how-to of simple hemstitching

Beginning of Weaving Throw two pick of plain weave starting from the right, ending at the right. Then leave a thread 4 times the width of weaving. Then follow the instructions below. End of Weaving Throw two last picks of plain weave starting at the right, ending at the right.  Then leave a thread 4 […]

Hemstitching Tea Towels

Do you hemstitch tea towels even when they are going to have turned hems?   Or do you just machine stitch the ends after removing them from the loom?  I’ve always machine stitched the ends but am wondering if I could skip this step if I hemstitched on the loom…will hemstitching encased in a seam hold […]

Does everything have to be wet finished?

I have just finished my second weaving on a cricket loom. Does everything have to be wet finished?  Are there advantages or disadvantages to wet finishing? Is it like blocking in knitting?  The yarn I used is a washable yarn, content is 50% Fine Nylon, 50% Super Fine Acrylic.  The yarn is called Comfort by […]

Tips for weaving and fulling a mohair “blankie”

The first photo shows a blanket on the loom with weft at 7 picks per inch on a warp sett at 6 epi. Mohair Blanket on the Loom under Tension The second picture is the selvedge edge of that blanket.  The selvedge is straight and tight and that comes with shuttle control. When you are […]

Help – my scarves won’t shrink!

I’m just starting out in the weaving field.  I’ve been making scarves in baby alpaca/bamboo/cashmere/silk/& camel—or some combination thereof.  (Mostly baby alpaca and silk, 80/20, with a bit of cashmere.) Here’s the question: I “wash” in good warm water,  just below “burning” me, with a bit of soap.  I mush them a bit, gently massage […]

Fulling your handwoven fabric

Attached is a page that you can print out and keep handy as a reference on how to full your cloth after you have taken it off the loom. Here’s the PDF – Fulling