Back to Front vs Front to Back – a wee conversation

There are many choices in life: The Beatles or The Stones, plain chocolate or milk chocolate. Then there’s the really pressing question of our time: Back to Front or Front to Back? It’s a question Sarah threw into the mix on Weave with Jane Stafford on Ravelry: Would you mind talking about pros and cons for warping back-to-front […]

Dummy (pseudo) warp

I feel rather stupid asking this but… I have made a 4 yard pseudo warp in the normal way and now I am ready to put it on the loom.  Do you put the cross through the lease stick as usual?  Do you cut the back and front part so you have individual strands and […]

Loose threads In my warp!

I tend to weave large items, such as rugs.  I find that half way or three-quarters way through the project, the 3 or 4 yarns on either side of the warp are very loose, while the middle is tight.  My instructor says its because the yarns on the edges get so much wear-and-tear from throwing.  […]

Forgot my lashing cords

In the category of, “you’ll never do that again” I put on a bambu/chenille warp last night and forgot to lash it down.  Sigh.  So I’m not sure what’s going to happen.   I’ve tied on, but I’ve kept the lease sticks in thinking that that might be a good idea since it doesn’t have lashing […]