Weaving Double Width including tie-ups

I’m attempting a double width blanket.  I’ve threaded a straight draw, one, two, three,  four.  For the life of me I can’t figure out what the tie up should be.  My brain is mush.  Soon my warp will be too.  Help!!! Think about harness 1 and 2 being the top layer and harness 3 and […]

Double Weave selvedges not behaving

It just seems that double-weave selvedges are much MUCH fussier than other types of weaving selvedges.  How can I produce clean ones without having to hand manipulate each pick? I always say that selvedges are like teenage boys always trying to sneak out and cause trouble. It is our job to keep them in line. […]

Selvedges on Double Weave

Selvedges on Double Weave Click on the link above to view Jane’s YouTube video on weaving selvedges on Doubleweave.

Hemstitching Double Width fabric?

Now that my first double weave blanket is already off the loom I am asking the question that I should have asked before starting to weave.  How does one hemstitch double width blankets.  How does one hemstitch the bottom layer or does one.  If there is a good or different technique ?…. please, inquiring minds […]

Tie-up for 8 shaft twill in Double Weave

I have read your answer for “weaving twill on 8 shafts” but I’m not sure this is the same as my question. I am trying to weave a twill on 8 shafts in double-weave i.e. weaving a tablecloth double-wide. I have threaded the heddles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and have tried several different […]

Double Weave

Double Weave is a cloth with two sides, so you have to make a warp with double the ends. One set of harnesses manage one layer and a different set of harnesses manage the 2nd layer. You thread your warp ends alternately. One end on the top layer and then thread one end on the […]