Different types of looms

Buying a new floor loom is a big decision, so it is important to understand the differences between all the different looms available, before you jump in. When it comes to floor looms, there are 3 main types: the counter-marche loom, the counter-balance loom and the jack loom. Counter-Marche Looms and Counter-Balance Looms I like […]

Replacing string heddles on an Ullman loom

First, I want to thank you for your charts. They are wonderful stuff for the beginner! I acquired an old, but sturdy, Ullman 4-shaft direct tie-up jack loom. It had string heddles, which drove me nuts. I just finished replacing them with texsolv heddles. And, because of the scarcity of Ullman information on the web, […]

The difference between a Counter-Marche, a Jack and a Counter-Balance Loom

This is for anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a counter-marche loom, a jack loom and a counter-balance loom. Jack Looms have 1 set of lamms….when you tie a lamm to a treadle… and then you step on that treadle…. the shafts rise. Only one part of the warp moves. Counter-Balance looms have 1 […]

What are the differences between a vertical countermarch and the Louet parallel countermarch loom?

I have been looking at countermarch looms.  What are the differences between a vertical countermarch and the  Louet parallel countermarch loom?  I have a David, which I love and would like a 12 harness loom.  I want to feel confident that my decision is based on some knowledge and not just because I love the […]