Delta heights – measurements for lamms & harnesses

Floor to top of lower lamm 21” Floor to top of upper lamm 28 3/4” Floor to top of lower harness bar 32” Floor to top of upper harness bar 43 1/4”

Putting together my new Delta Loom

I am putting together my new Delta Loom.  I am at the point where it says to attach the beam cords to the screw heads of the warp beam and breast beam.  Since there are 2 beams, and I only have 10 I only have half as many as I need. Am I supposed to […]

Delta versus Octado

I’m the lady that posted with the question about sectional warping on the Octado.  I thought that I had made up my mind, but it seems that I have not. Originally, I was going to get a Delta.  I’m 5’10″ tall and it would be nice to not have my legs up against the fabric […]

Extra weights for the beater of my Delta loom?

I am wondering if Louet provides an extra weight for the beater of my Delta loom for weaving weft-faced rugs that require a good beating as it were? There is no special weight for the Delta….are you having trouble getting a good heavy beat or are you preparing based on things you have read? Actually […]

Are reeds interchangeable on the Louet Delta?

I am a new weaver and am wondering about reeds.  Do most reeds fit on most looms?  I am asking because I am in the process of acquiring a Delta loom.  I have half a dozen reeds mixed sizes etc. already and so am unclear if I can use them on the Delta or do […]

Assembly instructions for the sectional warping system for the Delta, Megado and Octado weaving looms

Click on the following link for the assembly instructions for the sectional warping system for the Delta, Megado and Octado weaving looms.

Is the Louet Delta the right loom for you?

I’m 5’9” with long legs and thought the height on the Delta would be nice. Unfortunately, I can’t locate a Delta anywhere near me, so haven’t actually sat at one.  Your comments about the leg lifting and rolling of the hips when weaving, really give me pause. First let me tell you something about myself.  I am short, […]

Delta versus the Spring

The Delta is a much larger loom than the Spring in general.  It’s other major difference is the way the treadles tie-up.  The Delta has rear slung treadles and the Spring has front slung treadles.  The most important thing to know about buying a Delta is, because of it’s height and treadle operation, you need […]