My David loom’s shed is not quite right

My David loom’s shed is not quite right.  (I have the sliding beater).  My shuttle keeps catching warp threads when it glides along the shuttle race.  I tried changing the shuttle I am using so that now I am using a shuttle that has turned up ends.  This helps a little bit.  It seems to […]

Shed on a Louet David Loom

I have a second hand David loom, with the overhead beater. I quite like it, weaves scarves, shawls and tea towels.  I saw a comment about shed size, weavers were saying that their David s gave 2” – 3” deep sheds.  So, I measured mine and it is only 1 1/2” … I reread the […]

Sliding beater on David Loom

I’m weaving a cotton warp, quite happily and I like the sinking shed, and quiet operation.  I am, however, finding that the wooden nuts that hold the beater and reed assembly together keep loosening.  On Ravelry you suggest a looser warp and really tightening the nuts.  I was reluctant to really reef on the nuts […]

David tie-ups and Double Weave

Hope you don’t regret selling me a loom…I’m probably going to drive you mad with questions. I want to do doubleweave — stuffed doubleweave, actually — on the David.  The colour layers alternate. Question 1 I took a draft from a book  …. four harness, Jack.  Here’s my reinterpretation for eight harnesses, also jack. Question […]

Sectional Beam on a Louet David

I have a Louët David 70cm loom, and am wondering about the sectional warp beam, what capacity it has.  If you use cotton 8/2, 10 treads pr cm (24 pr inch), how many meters/yards would it be possible to put on?  I often work with longer warps, and think a sectional beam could be a […]

Reeds for the Louet David

When using the metric reed that came with the David loom, do I use 10 epi or 12 epi?  Also, is it possible to cut down a 36? reed or is better to buy a new one? The reed that came with your loom is a 10.  You can count how many dents there are […]

Should I Replace My Old David Beater With The New One?

I have the David 70 loom with the ‘old’ beater and have read your positive comments about the new beater, however I am still unclear as to specific advantages of the new one, other than the shuttle race.  Any additional comments you have will be helpful as I consider the $300 cost. I have made […]

Set-up questions for your new David

I just got my new David loom, and got it put together last night.  Very exciting!  I watched the DVD today after work and was hoping to get a warp on the loom today or this weekend.  But the DVD I got was specific to the Spring loom.  Is there a different DVD for the […]

Squeaky shaft on my David

The fourth shaft on my David has developed a squeak on the right side of the castle.  I think the metal rod that carries the wooden cams (?) could use a bit of lubrication.  Does that make sense?  If so, what would I use and how would I get the lubricant onto the rod under […]

Using non-Louet reeds on the David’s new beater + oiling tip

I’ve just bought a David.  I’m really pleased with the spring action of the loom.  Many aspects of the design are terrific.  I’m not so pleased with the new beater.  Even when fully tightened, the “knurled nuts” on either side don’t seem to hold the reed securely in place.  As I weave, they pop out […]