The importance of 50/50 © Jane Stafford Textiles

One of the first things I learned when I started sewing as a young girl was how important it was to lay your pattern pieces on the straight grain.  This was important because the bias in the garment would then be ‘good’. I didn’t really understand bias until I was a weaver.  When I studied […]

Sketching and Division of Space © Jane Stafford Textiles

In the first couple of posts I talked a little bit about the architecture of cloth and how I create my canvases.   Now comes the fun part, the emotional part, the whole reason why I weave.   I am an interpreter of the world that surrounds me.   I am a keen observer.   I […]

Architecture © Jane Stafford Textiles

MY Thoughts On COLOUR and DESIGN: I start every Colour and Design Workshop off by explaining to my students that there are hundreds of different ways to tackle this subject.  Every designer has their own particular way of working, of organizing thoughts and of bringing ideas to fruition.  All I can do as a designer […]