Worms in my cotton chenille blanket

I am a beginner weaver and I just finished a cotton chenille blanket.  Unfortunately after a very gentle wash (no spin).  And drying the blanket wormed – badly!  I’ve ironed and blocked it as best I could but ……….. Not sure what to do about the worms. Is it fixable? That is a real shame.  […]

Sett for 100% rayon chenille scarves (1300 yd/pp)

Hi Jane…..I have a student interested in your chenille scarf kits.  I am very wary of  telling her to go ahead and purchase seeing your suggested sett of 10 epi.  Can you tell me what size chenille is in the kit?  And is it 100% rayon, or rayon with a polyester core, or perhaps rayon […]

Weaving with chenille

1)   Why so much negative talk about the difficulty of working with chenille, and “worming”? 2)   Do I use tighter tension when winding the warp? 3)   Do worms come from different tensions in each of the warp threads – is there a trick to winding the warp? 4)   Is throwing the shuttle different from throwing […]