Single ply yarn in a warp?

I want to use a blue 1 ply yarn in a shawl or blanket.  My question is can I use it as a warp thread because 1 ply is not as strong or only as weft? Details: Raanulanka, Vippela, 250 tex (Nm 4),100% wool, made in Finland (this is the info. from the label).  I […]

Tying on a new warp to an old warp

I am in the midst of weaving a beautiful tencel shawl on my 8-shaft David.  My warp was only long enough to weave a single shawl.  The threading for this particular pattern was really complicated (at least for me it was!) but I would like to make another shawl with a different colour warp.  My […]

Loose threads In my warp!

I tend to weave large items, such as rugs.  I find that half way or three-quarters way through the project, the 3 or 4 yarns on either side of the warp are very loose, while the middle is tight.  My instructor says its because the yarns on the edges get so much wear-and-tear from throwing.  […]

Skeleton tie-ups on a Countermarche Loom

Are skeleton tie-ups possible on a countermarche system? You can still have some skeleton tie-ups with countermarche looms.  If you wanted to weave tabby on 4 as a skeleton this is what you do.  I can only show you this in a tie-box – – – – – – X X – – O – […]

Forgot my lashing cords

In the category of, “you’ll never do that again” I put on a bambu/chenille warp last night and forgot to lash it down.  Sigh.  So I’m not sure what’s going to happen.   I’ve tied on, but I’ve kept the lease sticks in thinking that that might be a good idea since it doesn’t have lashing […]

Removing a warp from your loom to use later

Before you cut the weaving off your present loom,  weave approx. 1 inch of good solid plain weave and then smother it in fray check or even white glue.  Wait until it is dry and very secure then make a plain weave shed and insert 1 lease stick beyond the glue line (in between your […]