Weaving Linen on a Jack Loom

Below, you will find a response from Jane to the JST Online Guild to a concern about weaving with linen on a Jack Loom.  We thought it might be helpful to others looking for information on weaving with linen.   I hope I haven’t caused any anxiety about using linen…I really want you to try […]

Mohair using Sectional Warping System?

Have you ever tried sectional warping with mohair? I have never used a sectional for mohair simply because of the tension box. I have a Leclerc tension box and the reed would have to be replaced in it. The tensioning over and under the dowels is just like using lease sticks and lease sticks and […]

Toggle issue on “new to me” Jane Loom

Hoping someone can help me with a shed problem on my Jane. I purchased my loom and stand used. The loom is in excellent condition overall, and has the upgraded rollers. My problem is related to the lifting action of the toggles. When I begin to flip a toggle down, the shaft rises as expected. […]

Do you need a floating selvedge?

In answer to a question raised on the JST Online Guild Forum …….. I hope I didn’t actually say….’avoid floating selvedges’.  I personally don’t like floating selvedges because they slow me down so I only use them when I have to.   Sometimes we do need them in our lives to keep our selvedges on the […]

Replacing a weft thread that skipped …….

Can you replace 1 weft thread that picked up some wrong warp ends on a plain weave finished project? Yes, you can.  It is very difficult to do this after the cloth has been washed but not too bad if you do it straight off the loom. Sometimes I do it on loom if I […]

Different types of looms

Buying a new floor loom is a big decision, so it is important to understand the differences between all the different looms available, before you jump in. When it comes to floor looms, there are 3 main types: the counter-marche loom, the counter-balance loom and the jack loom. Counter-Marche Looms and Counter-Balance Looms I like […]

My David loom’s shed is not quite right

My David loom’s shed is not quite right.  (I have the sliding beater).  My shuttle keeps catching warp threads when it glides along the shuttle race.  I tried changing the shuttle I am using so that now I am using a shuttle that has turned up ends.  This helps a little bit.  It seems to […]

Delta heights – measurements for lamms & harnesses

Floor to top of lower lamm 21” Floor to top of upper lamm 28 3/4” Floor to top of lower harness bar 32” Floor to top of upper harness bar 43 1/4”

Broken Parallel Cord on Hollandia Loom

I am getting back to weaving after many years away from my ’80s vintage Hollandia, 110 cm, 8 harness loom.  Unfortunately, one of the parallel cords is broken.  I do have a bag of texsolv cord left over from when I put the loom together years ago but I’m not sure how to go about […]

Replacing string heddles on an Ullman loom

First, I want to thank you for your charts. They are wonderful stuff for the beginner! I acquired an old, but sturdy, Ullman 4-shaft direct tie-up jack loom. It had string heddles, which drove me nuts. I just finished replacing them with texsolv heddles. And, because of the scarcity of Ullman information on the web, […]